Are you selecting a college major right now, or just want a really interesting minor? Do you find yourself in an odd place professionally, and need something to break up the tension? My friend, you have bought yourself a ticket to the world of philosophy without even realizing it. You see, philosophy is more than just a few people passing topics back and forth in a coffee shop. It is really a study of how we think and what our purpose in life really is. It’s the theory of knowledge, constructed around a series of conversations that have spanned thousands of years.

If you want some basic reasons to study philosophy, we’ve compiled a few:

1. There are no right answers

The fact that there aren’t any true correct answers in philosophy might sound like a reason to avoid it. However, this is the exact reason why philosophy majors are getting a second life throughout multiple industry sectors. Philosophy encourages the pursuit of new discoveries through looking at old information differently. If you’re someone that gets a rush at looking at all of the possibilities, philosophy will help you expand. Companies like people that can think “out of the box”, so to speak.


2. Logic is important

Everyone’s heard of logical fallacies, but philosophy encourages you to study them in depth. Once you do that, you’ll be able to read at a different level. People will not be able to easily persuade you with fluff and flattery because you’ll see through it. And you’ll recognize the infamous straw man attack, where people put up false information only to use it as a means to tear down an argument without really having any substance to back up their words.

3. References become more obvious

The more we study the past, the more we study where culture gets its new creations. There is truly nothing new under the sun, and philosophy really goes out of its way to expose this on an interesting level. You might want to go ahead and study a bit to see if you can get more out of philosophy than other subjects.

You might be surprised where philosophy takes you. Many people that are interested in law also take philosophy because it opens their minds to new pathways. But you don’t have to be in school in order to get something out of philosophy. If you’re in the business of talking to people and having to relate to them, then philosophy plays a role in this as well. Why not explore more topics today?

By Inger